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Natural Handmade soaps

True Ayurvedic handmade soaps are made using a variety of Organic sources. An Ayurvedic soap is usually formed by combining essential oils and butters that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and Vitamins. Cold process is the  most time-consuming way to make soap but this is the most favored way to craft excellent bars of soap. There are two kind of soaps that can be made using cold press method
i-e glycerin soap and Butter soap.

Glycerin Soap

Glycerin is a compound that naturally occurs during the saponification process of making handmade soap. It is retained in the finished product. Glycerin, like honey, is a natural humectants and makes soaps naturally hydrating and helps retain moisture in the skin. There are a number of variants in glycerin soaps based on their fragrances and benefits. Orange soap, lemon soap, rose and saffron soap, sandalwood soap, aloevera soap, strawberry soap etc.


Butter soap

In making of real handmade butter soap using cold press method there are so many natural oils, butters, plant extracts and exfoliants including olive oil, coconut oil ,palm oil, Castor oil, kokum butter and Shea butter are used that are genuinely good for your skin and overall health with its moisturizing and disinfectant properties combined with a dose of vitamin E, essential for healthy skin. When you wash your entire body with natural handmade soaps with Shea butter your skin completely absorbs the moisture from the Shea butter. Soap with Shea butter helps rejuvenate your skin and you will nstantly feel softer. Natural handmade soaps with Shea butter help the skin look younger and you will look revived. In making of a pure handmade butter soap kokum butter plays an important role as Kokum butter adds firmness and melts slightly above body temperature and is known for its light, non-greasy feel on the skin .

Chamomile soap
Multani mitti soap
Haldi soap
Neem and turmeric soap
Activated bamboo charcoal soap

Lavender soap

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