Herbal Almond & Honey Facial Scrub

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This anti ageing facial scrub is aherbal formula with roughest and the most stubborn of skins. This is the perfect remedy with all goodness of almond meal blended with superfine honey in combination with other herbs. with the presence of aloe vera as a natural defoliant and corn as healer a skin, this product removes dead skin cells, polishes the skin and leaving it a natural healthy glow. then almond as a natural muscle relaxant not only relaxes facial muscles on scrubbing but also serves as a shield against UV radiations. Alongside honey as natural humectant moisturizes deep into the skin and keeping it shiny.

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1 review for Herbal Almond & Honey Facial Scrub

  1. Rocky Sharma

    I use this scrub last 6 month. At first I felt like there may not be enough exfoliants in the product but boy was I wrong! After use I am left with flake free, smooth skin! It smells amazing and has cleared out my pores so that my blackheads are GONE! Thank you, I LOVE this product !!!

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